The courts need more resources for land clauses

The courts need more resources for land clauses

The huge amount of lawsuits to financial entities responsible for abusive clauses, in this case, the floor clauses, have surpassed the specialized courts to deal with these citations.

In other words, more and more the population sees the possibility of winning lawsuits against banks. Thus, canceling your debts, refinancing loans or negotiating mortgages.

How to know if I have abusive clauses in my contracts? How to negotiate the floor clauses? Putting yourself in the hands of professionals , you will be able to follow the process in a clearer way, you will gain in tranquility and you will have many more possibilities of getting out of debt quickly thanks, for example, to the Law of the Second Chance .

The courts need more resources for the floor clauses

Courts with more citations by floor clauses

The court with most problems clearly is the Madrid, but most are in the same situation due to more than 57,000 citations that have received in the last 3 months. The ten provinces with the most problems in the courts assigned to the ground clauses are:

  • Cádiz: 1,440
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: 1,556
  • Granada: 1,580
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 1,680
  • Teruel: 1,840
  • Valencia: 2.004
  • Malaga: 2,177
  • Seville: 2,946
  • Barcelona: 4,644
  • Madrid: 14,064 

Floor clauses, negotiate with banks

The soil clauses have become a serious concern for the Spanish population. For many individuals or companies that need to negotiate their debts fast. Usually, on the recommendation of the AEB , it is the entity itself that puts itself in contact with the affected party. In this way, it will try to start the negotiation of debts or the terms of the bank debts. However, no beneficial resolutions have been reached for clients in many cases by extrajudicial means.

How to accelerate these judicial processes? The solution lies in providing more specialized courts throughout the country. Therefore, the General Council of the Judiciary has already begun to analyze the situation to distribute the media where they are most needed.

The failure of the extrajudicial system approved by the government (88% of the cases have not been solved by this route), makes it essential to have the best information. Through banking law advisors and specialized lawyers. In this way, you gain peace of mind and the procedures are accelerated, always in favor of the client.


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