Is it worth having accounts in several banks?

Is it worth having accounts in several banks?


Almost every adult Pole currently has a bank account. High school accounts are also willing to set up savings accounts. However, the offers of individual banks differ significantly.

The question is – which option to choose? Is it worth having accounts in several banks due to attractive offers?

The question is - which option to choose? Is it worth having accounts in several banks due to attractive offers?

Until recently, most Poles were very attached to the bank, whose services they had used for many years. Unfortunately, this solution does not always bring benefits. Banking, especially online, is growing rapidly. Institutions are outdoing ever better offers dedicated to new customers. We often do not realize that we can have several accounts at different bank branches at the same time .

By opening a savings and settlement account, we can count on free access to all ATMs, a free payment card, a start cash bonus, material prizes and other bonuses. To find the best offer, it is worth browsing the current rankings of online accounts and thus be up to date. Discounts and bonuses are not the only reason to open a new bank account.

Why do you need accounts at various banks?

Why do you need accounts at various banks?

Did you encounter any system failure during the period of using the services from a specific bank? Almost all of us had minor troubles related to the failure of internet services, broken ATMs or blocked card payments. Having an account with different banks avoids such problems. In case of any inconvenience, we can use the second option immediately. It is an extremely comfortable solution, especially when traveling or in a situation where we need to urgently settle any matter related to the withdrawal of cash or payment of fees.

An additional bank account can also bring other benefits. It gives us the opportunity to use many products. Some institutions offer better deposits and savings accounts , while others offer better debit options. Sometimes it is worth putting your savings into a separate account so that they are secured and pay off.

Take into account that companies compete for customers. It’s good to track new banking products from time to time. Often, you can get a cash bonus for creating a new account or recommending it to friends.

Controlling your own finances

Many finance specialists believe that having several bank accounts is a great solution. In their opinion, this allows for sound management of our finances . This option is dedicated especially to those who want to learn how to save.

Remember that you do not need a card for every ROR. In this account you can put funds for long-term and unforeseen expenses . Part of your earnings will be separated from the remaining amount you spend on fees, purchases and other needs.

Which banks should you choose? – ranking of online accounts

Are you wondering which bank to set up another account for? It all depends on your needs and the current offer of banks. Account opening conditions change very often. It’s worth hunting for promotions and tracking changes.

To facilitate the matter, we will list the advantages of accounts in larger and smaller banks. Large banks that have been operating for many years, for example ING Bank Śląski, BZ WBK, PKO Bank Polski, can boast an extensive network of stationary branches and a large number of ATMs in almost every city in the country. Such institutions also care for the development of online and mobile banking, so mobile applications are more intuitive and less emergency. Smaller banks are constantly seeking customers. They also often have an attractive deposit offer and encouraging start promotions .

Cons of having several bank accounts

Cons of having several bank accounts

Having several bank accounts is not ideal. Carefully using the comparison of personal accounts , we will also notice its disadvantages.

The biggest problems are the fees and commissions that may be charged, for example for using the card and performing a small number of transactions per month. Remember that not all personal bills and operations are free. So before you open an additional account, read the terms carefully . In our personal account comparison engine you will find detailed information on applicable fees.

If we have accounts in several banks, we also cannot use the so-called free basic account, i.e. a bank account without any fees. Basic accounts are only available to people who have one account.

Our ranking of online accounts will allow you to find an offer tailored to your needs. Think about the pros and cons of having several bank accounts and make the right decision in your opinion. Also remember that you should close unused bills to avoid unnecessary fees.

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